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In order to enhance your experience of using Bathmate Hydro Pumps the company have introduced a whole range of accessories. Designed to make using your Hydro Pump easier, safer and more comfortable, these accessories are made to the same exacting standards as the Bathmate Hydro Pumps and, as you have come to expect from Bathmate, have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are dermatologically friendly and will withstand many years of correct usage.

The Bathmate Shower Strap has been cleverly engineered so that you can keep your hands free whilst using your Bathmate Hydropump or Hydromax in the shower. This ingenious addition to your pumping regime is easy to use; simply put one end over your penis pump and wear the other end around your neck. The shower strap is completely adjustable allowing you to get the perfect fit.

By wearing the Bathmate Shower Strap you are able to perform your showering routine without having to hold your penis pump in your hand. The strap is made from nylon and features a plastic ring at one end that that holds your penis pump in place.

Bathmate have introduced a range of comfort pads which help to make your pumping sessions as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. The pack of three replacement comfort pads (SP1519) is suitable for the Bathmate Hercules: both The Bathmate Hercules and the Goliath have a foam comfort pad at the base of the bellows. The comfort rings are made from skin-safe material and are soft and supple providing you with comfort, protection and a little touch of luxury.

The Bathmate Hydrodouche has been designed to work alongside your personal cleansing regime and can be used in the shower. Bathmate have carried out extensive market testing and have really listened to what it is that men want.

There have been many variations of the douche produced over the years, all of which have stuck to tried and tested approaches with regard to design and material composition. The Hydrodouche is highly innovative and uses cutting edge technology to give you the very best douching experience. Every single component used in the manufacturing of the Hydrodouche is made from medical grade material ensuring that using the douche is both safe and hygienic. It also features a hygienic wand holder that keeps the nozzle away from any contaminants.

The Hydrodouche is a gravity fed system which results in no annoying fluctuations in temperature or water pressure. It is also completely controllable allowing you to manage the temperature of the water in the collection vessel; you are also able to control the rate of flow via the hand controller. Designed to fit any shower, the 9 inch, multi-directional, nozzle ensures that you receive a thorough, 360 degree clean.

In common with all other products in the Bathmate range the Hydrodouche is easy to use, and comes with a lifetime guarantee on all parts: if, for any reason, any part of the douche malfunctions Bathmate promise to replace it free of charge.