Bathmate Anal Training Plugs

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Bathmate Anal Training Plugs - a perfect fit for anal beginners.

Interested in trying out anal? It’s important to build up to it - starting off with an overly-large partner or toy can cause serious damage. This set of body-safe, solid silicone Anal Training Plugs is the perfect starting point, with a simple, fun design giving you real safety and value for money. The three included plugs have diameters of 1, 1.25 and 1.5 inches respectively, giving you a perfect journey from anal beginner to fully experienced expert.

A powerful starting point from our Anal Collection, these Anal Training Plugs are easy to use, a perfect choice no matter how experienced you are with anal. As with any other kind of anal action, you will need to use lube to avoid pain or potential injury.

With a finger ring at the base of each plug and a thin, completely flexible shaft, they’re totally safe for use during a play session or for long-term wear. We’ve included a slim textured shaft to provide total stimulation to the nerve endings at the entrance of the anus, so get ready for an unmatched experience!

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